Release Date: 2005

Track Listing
1)  Sleep.
fast ban
2)  Start the fire.
3)  Who do you think we are.
4)  Day on my pillow.
5)  Roses.
fast ban
6)  Not about us.
7)  The gentle art of swimming.
8)  Wasted land.
9)  Crazy lane.
10)  Trying to kiss the sun.
1)  World through my eyes.
2)  Opel.
fast bank
3)  Cymbaline.
4)  Welcome to the machine.
5)  I dont know.
6)  Hole in the sky.
7)  Bonus track: New stars are born.

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Member: Sundstrom
Date: 10/13/2005

RPWL: Live-start the fire...the fifth release from these German proggers, is as the title reveals a live album! Not many prog fans know about them, but hopefully thatís about to change. I was very pleased with their studio output, especially Stock, but also their debut God has failed (2000) had me roaring. I guess their style goes under the rather curious moniker: neo prog. Sure, I know what it means, I just find it silly to categorise prog bands! Anyhow, these guys are brilliant and their foremost influence Pink Floyd, shines through every now and then. Well, very mush so being this a double CD, these fine musicians choose to incorporate covers of Pink Floydís "Cymbaline" & "Welcome to the machine" plus a version of Syd Barretís "Opel" on CD2.

Starting with CD1, Wwhich holds several tracks from their 4 studio albums. Well mostly from the 3 first and highlights from their latest World Through My Eyes. Recorded at "Rockpalast" in spring 2005, the sound is brilliant and performances likewise! First track "Sleep" is a superb track which slowly builds up but somehow stays in relaxed tempo, a great track walking between Porcupine Tree & Floyd...great stuff! Clocking in at:10:05 min. Track 4 "Days on my pillow", a nice ballad with
some fine singing! Track 5 "Roses" where the great (IMO) Ray Wilson (ex-Genesis singer on Calling all stations) shares his vocal abilities! And if there is such a thing as a hit song in the prog community...this is it! Next track "Not about us" Yes, the Genesis track! On this rendition, well you guessed it: Ray Wilson sings and believe you me, this is a beautiful track!!

CD 2:
From their latest studio album, first track: "The world through my eyes" really shows the Floyd inspiration, a flowing tune filled with driving tom toms a and a nice lean back guitar solo! And that really is appropriate for next up is Barretīs: "Opel". Track 3 "Cymbaline" an..ahem, forgotten Floyd song but never the less, a superb, spacey prog song (of course!) and this edition clocking in at (in true Floyd style) 15:12 min. This is just GREAT!! Kalle Wallner on guitar are supreme, he shines Gilmour style...WOW! Iím not certain, but I think that can detect some Floyd themes blended in there somewhere!!

Let me just take the time to mention track 4 "Welcome to the machine". This track is so close to the original it gives me goose bumps! Well, I can hear you say...why bother? Frist of all, Floyd is no longer (well, that is at least what we know!) These brilliant guys are here and now! So, whatís wrong with paying homage to one of the greatest prog bands of all time?! Well nothing and I find that this live album. really is worth your hard earned money!!

RPWL really are an outstanding band. I like this live performance but get their studio
albums first! Then go for this one!! Oh, by the way, when the audience is heard (which is rare) on this fine double album, they sound like..ahem, were there only well 10-15 people?! A glitz from the mixer console?!
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