Release Date: 1970

Track Listing
1)  Cirkus-(Including Entry Of The Chameleons) (6:28)
2)  Indoor Games (5:41)
3)  Happy Family (4:16)
4)  Lady of the Dancing Water (2:44)
5)  Lizard (23:12)
  a) Prince Rupert Awakes
  b) Bolero - The Peacock's Tale
  c) The Battle of Glass Tears (including: Dawn Song, Last Skirmish, Prince Rupert's Lament)
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Member: Octavio Trimmingham (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Octavio Trimmingham)
Date: 11/20/2001
Format: CD (Album)

Robert Fripp - Guitar, mellotron & devices
Mel Collins - Flute & Sax
Gordon Haskell - Vocals & bass guitar
Andy McCulloch - Drums
Peter Sinfield - Words & pictures
...along with:
Robin Miller - Oboe & cor anglais
Mark Charig - Cornet
Nick Evans - Trombone
Keith Tippet - Piano & electric piano
Jon Anderson - Vocals


This is one musical book you can almost judge by itís cover. The albumís strangest, yet best quality is that it is a bit of a sore thumb sticking out in the King Crimson discography. Although it is almost impossible to describe Lizard with words, no other KC album has such a varied mix of musical styles crammed together in one place. That, along with itís beautiful, ominous and intricate cover art make this is a must have in any self-respecting progressive rock fanís library. (Especially since itís 24-bit, HDCD remaster release in 2000.)

The overall sound of the tracks on Lizard are mostly the result of a host of jazz players and very minimal guitar input by Fripp. The mighty mellotron seemed to be his beast of choice during the recording of this album. The album is littered with maniacal jazz sections that segue into hard/prog-rock and back again. The style and sound of the new vocalist, Gordon Haskell, was another unique feature of the songs on this release. His menacing, maniacal and processed vocal sound added yet another bit of strangeness to the tracks overall. There is also a guest vocal appearance by Jon Anderson for the ďPrince Rupert AwakesĒ section of the 23 minute title track.

A beautiful and schizophrenic treasure to say the least, Lizard has become my very favorite among the many KC releases available. If you have an ear for the unique and unusual, check out Lizard.

Happy listening,
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