Release Date: 1970

Track Listing
1)  Have Mercy
2)  Jubilatioin
3)  Confession
4)  Prayer
fast ban
5)  Offering
fast b
6)  Hosanna
fast ba

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Member: ffroyd (Profile) (All Album Reviews by ffroyd)
Date: 1/1/2000
Format: CD (Album)

For their third album, Spooky Tooth aligned themselves with French avant-garde/electronic artist Pierre Henry to produce one of the weirdest albums ever recorded. This is an “Electronic Mass” incorporating religiously-themed songs with early synthesizers and many other strange sounding things. I had heard Spooky Tooth before but never knew they could get this spooky. There are some genuinely frightening moments on this album and I wouldn’t suggest listening to it at night with the lights off.

There are moments on this album where I swear the stereo is malfunctioning, especially on the first song, “Have Mercy.” The vocals by Mike Harrison are very powerful throughout the album. There are chanting parts on “Jubilation” that are just plain weird! The song “Prayer” is very ominous, starting out very quiet with ghostly sounding electronics and lonely harpsichord notes evoking a horror movie soundtrack. Gary Wright’s organ slinks in and the lyrics “Our Father who art in Heaven....” will send chills down the spine.

There was quite a controversy surrounding this album when it was released. Apparently many fans were turned off by the theme of the album. The recording process also took it’s toll on the band. This was to be the final album for keyboardist and main songwriter Gary Wright who departed after the recording of this album for a short stint with a band he formed called Wonderwheel and a solo career that peaked with the hugely successful song “Dreamweaver”. The other members continued with the Spooky Tooth name and replaced Gary for one more album and split shortly afterwards. They reunited in the late 90’s sans Gary Wright to record “Cross Purpose.”
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Member: Sundstrom
Date: 8/27/2005

Spooky Tooth, yet another great UK band with several albums to their name. At first, they were kinda pop/psychedelic (first album) then they slided into some rhythm and blues kinda style but, mind you..great music anyway! But in 1969 they decided to collaborate with electronic & keyboard wiz Pierre Henry on this particular album Ceremony. I dont know what either part were thinking, but this album (although many find it exciting..even superb) is to me an absolute disaster! The Spooky Tooth music is fine...and for that matter, so is Pierre Henry´s...but to mix them together....Arrrghhh!!! How can I explain? Well, it’s like hearing a story...punctuated by "annoying voices", or better still, imagine seeing a film intervened by black and white stills! So there you have it ! Do I like this album? NO. I think it’s a waste of time on every part. Spooky Tooth, Pierre Henry....and you!! So don’t go there unless you are a freak for the very strange..and I do mean STRANGE !!!
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