Release Date: 2000

Track Listing
1)  Rain Parade
2)  Trip the Light
3)  No Side of Maybe
4)  As The Sun
5)  Incident (Suite)
  a) Retro-Glide
  b) Danger Isn't Safe
6)  Four Winds
7)  Jerome's Spotlight
8)  A Most Logical Position
9)  Grey Whisper

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Member: davis (Profile) (All Album Reviews by davis)
Date: 7/30/2001
Format: CD (Album)

When I say that horns flutter like inebriated birds through the music on this CD, I refer not to animal horns, but the unorthodox flights of wind instruments. Keith Gurland appears to have graduated from the University of Wind Instruments, as he plays Clarinet, Flute, and Alto & Tenor Sax. Drums of rolling thunder provide the momentum. Also, in relationship to this band, any reference to the term "space cadet" refers not to the mental ravages of drug abuse or anything dumb, but to bassist Clint Bahr's Musicvox Space Cadet, a 12-string bass guitar. Because this music involves no guitars, no keyboards - not even a synthesizer - it makes for a somewhat anomalous 43 minutes of progressive rock music. On the other hand, despite and because of those absences, this trio and its music can be recommended as experimental. Gurland, Bahr and percussionist Steve Tobin create a lot of unusual music - all original - most of which should please many prog fans. They claim Zappa, King Crimson, Soft Machine, psychedelic music and jazz as major influences.

"Rain Parade" is our first taste of TriPod, and an odd taste it is. It starts out sounding as if it we've just stumbled into it on the radio dial and missed very beginning of the intro by a few seconds. It sounds almost cut off at the end, too. The song itself resembles "Rockula," by surf band Los Straitjackets. Those are 3 reasons why I like it. "Incident (Suite)" bursts out of the speakers with sprinting drums and that drunken horn flying all around, which all abruptly give way to "a) Retro-Glide," a piece that evokes the quieter moments of ELP's "The Endless Enigma (part 1)." This playful duel between these contrasting tempos and melodies continues until "b) Danger Isn't Safe" plays with both those pieces and goes into its own territory. "A Most Logical Position" is a rocking and wailing march, leading to the mellow finale of "Grey Whisper."

TriPod is a sort of multifaceted trio. One might not at all mind the lack of traditional instrumentation. If you do enjoy this sort of thing, it could spill over into revelry. If it does, stay tuned. Their 2nd CD is in the works.
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