Release Date: 2000

Track Listing
1)  May-Fly (Pohl/Rongey) - 3:52
2)  The Comprachinos of the Mind (Fowler/Pohl/Rongey/Stevens) - 10:19
3)  In the Factory (Pohl/Rongey) - 5:34
4)  The Doorman (Pohl/Rongey) - 10:06
5)  Mars (Rongey) - 4:35
6)  Through and Through (Pohl/Rongey) - 20:14

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Member: progladyte
Date: 2/14/2003

Having listened to this very clever disc for a little over a week now I guess I can confirm it has well and truly reached the pass mark with this avid collector. The playing is tight, controlled, well directed, sufficiently different and yet very cohesive. The dynamics between each contributor is very well maintained and is a testament to their strong musical ability.

To qualify as a progressive rock band these days, it is almost mandatory to be well equipped with an assortment of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and clever vocals and to have completely mastered each instrument. In this regard, UR have accomplished this aim very admirably. I am particularly impressed with their guitarist, Bill Pohl who reminds me very much, in parts, of Allan Holdsworth although his input on the release is certainly more impressive than AHs more recent efforts. (Refer to my earlier review of AH for some additional thoughts). Kurt Rongey, on keys is a joy to listen to as well and I am glad I have finally managed to hear his contributions on this stellar release. There is an early Genesis feel to the whole album but they seem to be able to deliver something far more interesting compared to what's around these days.

These guys have a great thing going here as the music twists and turns, chops and changes and finally comes to rest after exhausting the senses with some powerful and impressive playing. There is so much attention to detail that even after the first listen, I was incredibly drawn to the magnetism of their playing, such is the inventiveness and unity between these guys. I love this stuff!! Now, whats for dessert? A Kurt Rongey or Bill Pohl solo disc? I think theyre out of print. Bummer!
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Member: progleo
Date: 10/10/2005

This great CD has cover art by the Dali-inspirator Allen Toney. The cover is as great as the music on this CD extraordinaire. Think UK/Bruford/Echolyn etc., once there, you'll get hints to Happy the Man/Kit Watkins. A very complex kind of prog/fusion. Bill Pohl (guitar, vocal) - Kurt Rongey (keys, vocal) - Matt Hembree (bass, vocal) John Livingston (drums) are the members of this great band. The music itself is very complex, different in a way more people should go for. This one is not over after 2 or 5 spins. It will keep you occupied for much longer. Drag you into the very beautiful world of how it was suppose to be progressive. The keyboards are very ''Watkins-like'' - big ones, I may add. The whole band shines through on this with great songmanship & very powerful playing. This one will stand the age of time for a long time. It is that great & it is that beautiful. I simply love this band & the music. Highly recommended.
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