Release Date: 1981

Track Listing
1)  Abacab
fast ban
2)  No Reply At All
3)  Me And Sarah Jane
4)  Keep It Dark
5)  Dodo/Lurker
6)  Whodunnit
7)  Man On The Corner
8)  Like It Or Not
9)  Another Record

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 7/28/2002
Format: CD (Album)

The controversial album called Abacab, the last album Genesis would ever do which featured individual songs credited to one sole individual member. Asides for moments hinted on specific songs, gone are the trademark long, symphonic compositions which many of older Genesis fans were used to. To most expecting a return to now bygone days, Genesis finally threw in the towel and total revamped their sound becoming one of the leading members in the 80's and 90's pop scene.

Abacab featuring just nine songs, the album despite its criticism as a "pop" record, Abacab is not without its greatness and controversy.

The title track "Abacab" (had been shortened twice, first time cut in half for the initial album release, the second for radio airplay) was a major hit around the world and help solidify this unit as a powerful, cohesive songwriting unit.

Next being the often panned "No Reply At All", which finds the band employing outside musicians (the great horn section from Earth, Wind and Fire) Most fans deem this song as the demise of Genesis, and the beginning of Phil's pop-inclined influence on the band.

Third selection on the album, Tony Banks' "Me And Sarah Jane" is a popular song amongst most Genesis fans as for it is one of the few tracks that resembled something written in their glory mid Seventies era.

Next up we have the UK single edit to "Keep It Dark" (which was not released in the US) is built around a Mike Rutherford riff, is a quirky almost New-waveish sounding track.

Now is for the gem on Abacab is "Dodo/Lurker, rumor has it that this song it part of a longer jam meant as a suite linked with two B-side outtakes, the melodic "Submarine" segueing into the "Los Endos" sounding "Naminamu".

The next track "Whodunnit" has caused even more controversy, trying on the ears, it is essentially considered the worst song ever written and performed by Genesis.

Phil's "Man on the Corner", a modest hit, and a presage to his solo work's "Another Day in Paradise". Phil, to some, helps sink the band to a new low with this syrupy ballad on his depiction of the homeless. Complete with drum machines, and sparse arrangements, most fans thought this song should have been on his solo album instead of on a Genesis album.

One of Mike's greatest songs, "Like It or Not", which is unlike anything he has ever written for the band. With a more R&B style, it's a wonder why the band never performed this song live or released it as a single.

The last song on Abacab, "Another Record" is a bit of a letdown for an album closer, as Genesis usually ended their albums with blockbusters.

Despite its often criticism, Abacab with its mysteries and numerous (and curious) outtakes, is a great album that most Pop fans would take to in one complete listen.


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