Release Date: 1971

Track Listing
1)  Milky Way (Shorter/Zawinul) - 2:33
2)  Umbrellas (Shorter/Vitous/Zawinul) - 3:27
3)  Seventh Arrow (Vitous) - 5:22
4)  Orange Lady (Zawinul) - 8:43
5)  Morning Lake (Vitous) - 4:25
6)  Waterfall (Zawinul) - 6:20
7)  Tears (Shorter) - 3:25
8)  Eurydice (Shorter) - 5:45

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 9/20/2002
Format: CD (Album)

Fresh, in literal terms from a concert with Miles Davis in January of 1970, ex-members from that band: saxophonist Wayne Shorter, keyboardist Josef Zawinul, bassist Miroslav Vitous and percussionist supreme Airto Moreira recruit future Eleventh Dream drummer Alphonse Mouzon, and the remnants of that meeting was to form a band that embarked on Miles' ideas of fusing jazz aesthetics with rock and r&b like backbeats and a dose of world ethnic thrown in.

All is apparent on the band's eponymous debut, but despite this "potent" lineup, aside from Miroslav and Wayne, the rest of the band fails to deliver more "power" to the recordings, as the recordings on the album are more in gear with Miles' In A Silent Way than either Bitches Brew or Live/Evil.

But in saying, Weather Report is still a "classic" debut that still has the band within its initial and infant stages, in which they were still under Miles influence and Zawinul had yet to dominate the music. A great pick up for those who like the lighter side of jazz-rock/fusion and would like to hear the masters of the fusion at their earliest.

Album Rating: Five Stars.

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