Release Date: 1986

Track Listing
1)  Incipit tragaedia — 16:39
2)  Cabine 67 — 6:16
3)  Yog sothoth — 13:07
4)  La ballade de Lénore — 9:30
5)  Delear prius — 4:12
6)  J'ai vu naguère en peinture les Harpies ravissant le repas de Phynée — 4:17
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Member: Burgess Penguin (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Burgess Penguin)
Date: 10/23/2002
Format: CD (Album)

Alain Ballaud, bass;
Franck Coulaud, drums;
Franck W. Fromy, guitar;
Jean-Luc Herve, piano, organ, harmonium;
Ann Stewart, voice;
Véronique Verdier, trombone;
with Michel Kervinio, drums and percussion

The Ray Conniff Singers this ain't!!!

There is spooky sounding music, and then there is just FLAT OUT SCARY!! And this Owl opines that this is some of the scariest progressive music ever committed to tape or disc. Shub Niggurath mixes equal parts HP Lovecraft, Magma inspired Zeuhl, avant-garde classical, tortured metallic guitar, chilling soprano vocals, heavy throbbing fuzz-bass, manic drumming, spooky keyboards and ominous trombone. The end result is guaranteed to have radio programming consultants and Marillion fans alike screaming in terror!

The band takes its name from a particularly frightening monster in an HP Lovecraft story. Musically, this band sure does a great job of conveying Lovecraftian menace and atmosphere, to the point that if a movie were made of this particular story, this album would be the perfect soundtrack for it, especially cuts like "Incipit Tragedia" and "La ballade de Lénore", with its ultra spooky pipe organ introduction.

The musicianship is nothing less than topnotch, never lapsing into mindless pyrotechnics, preferring instead to create mood, dense, chilling spooky atmospheres and melodies.

This is most certainly not for everyone (I can see the horror in the faces of Marillion or Allan Parsons Project fans now), but if you want the harrowing spook house ride of your life, this little excursion by Shubb Niggurath awaits you.

You have been warned.
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