Release Date: 1973

Track Listing
1)  Speak to Me/Breathe (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright) - 4:00
2)  On the Run (Gilmour/Waters) - 3:33
3)  Time (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright) - 7:06
4)  The Great Gig in the Sky (Wright) - 4:44
5)  Money (Waters) - 6:32
6)  Us and Them (Waters/Wright) - 7:40
7)  Any Colour You Like (Gilmour/Mason/Wright) - 3:25
8)  Brain Damage (Waters) - 3:50
9)  Eclipse (Waters) - 2:04

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Member: red
Date: 10/25/2002

For some people this is the best Floyd album, done in 1973 and it has a strange beauty in its music. The composition starts with "Breathe", kind of mellow and with the classic touch of Pink Floyd, you hear the screams and the guitar enters in, the mood for the rest of the album is settled perfectly. The bass line in "Breathe" is assertive as well as the Gilmour Vocals.

"On the run" is an innovative sequence that is an extension of Gilmour and Waters ideas with the vcs3. Then we have "Time" with brilliant Waters lyrics and classic 70s rhythm. The guitar solo by Gilmour is one of his best, with too much reverb and I think that he actually makes that people feel a crying guitar. Then "Home" is similar to breathe and it gives the entrance to "The Great gig in the sky" which is one of the high points in the album with great vocals and a very effective piano performance by Rick Wright.

"Money" which has became one of the live Floyd Classic is very powerful in its Guitar solo. " Us And them" is a beautiful song, simple but gorgeous with great vocals and Wright piano solos. "Any colour you like" is for me one of the best keyboard performance Wright has ever made. "Brain damage" has kind of twisted lyrics but is musical and it leads to the epic end of the album which is "Eclipse".

This is my favorite Floyd album, because of the way things are done, very carefully to reach perfection, and the sequence of the tracks is logical and perfect. I recommend this album to every prog fan.
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