Release Date: 1972

Track Listing
1)  Brainstorm (Turner) - 11:33
2)  Space Is Deep (Brock) - 6:20
3)  One Change (Dettmar) - :49
4)  Lord of Light (Brock) - 6:59
5)  Down Through the Night (Brock) - 3:04
6)  Time We Left This World Today (Brock) - 8:43
7)  The Watcher (Kilmister) - 4:09

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Member: Son of Nothing
Date: 12/2/2002

Imagine Black Sabbath discarding their heaviness a bit (but not altogether), speeding up and reaching out for outer space. This intriguing thought crystallized 30 years ago in 1972 in the form of Doremi Fasol Latido. Dave Anderson left the band and bassist-cum-occasional vocalist Lemmy Kilminster (later to form Motorhead..He would be the lead vocalist there) and drummer Simon King joined Hawkwind and the result was - the heaviest album of the space lords' illustrious career. Expect a thoroughly acid-tinged, space-metallic daze.

"Brainstorm" starts up the proceedings with a repetitive sonic assault that picks up in speed with time with energized drumming and guitars. Nik Turner's vocals sound like BOC's Buck Dharma on acid and out of his mind. A repetition of the "You Shouldn't Do That" technique. "Space is Deep" begins in an acoustic fashion and gets synth and guitar heavy. Real trippy stuff. "One Change" merely serves as a keyboard bridge to the next tune "Lord of light" which features rumbling bass playing by Lemmy and repetitive vocal recitation. Truly amazing. I love "Down Through the Night". It has a stoner chorus (if ever there is anything called so) and never fails to put a smile on my face. It is "Come on baby Light my Fire" on acid. LOL. Jim Morrison enters Dave Brock's soul temporarily. The bass line in the chant "Time We Left This World Today" kicks ass and is again repetitive in a good way. The totally stoned acoustic journey called "The Watcher" serves as a brilliant ending to the album with Lemmy on the vocals.

If you love this album and the previous In Search of Space, be sure to pick up the double live album Space Ritual. It is a totally acid-drenched double album throughout with accelerated versions of early Hawkwind stuff. This is genre defining space rock.
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