Release Date: 1989

Track Listing
1)  Intro (Voivod) - :54
2)  The Unknown Knows (Voivod) - 4:59
3)  Nothingface (Voivod) - 4:12
4)  Astronomy Domine (Barrett/ Belanger/ DAmour/ Langevin/ Theriault) - 5:28
6)  X-Ray (Voivod) - 4:26
7)  Inner Combustion (Voivod) - 3:44
8)  Pre-Ignition (Voivod) - 5:08
9)  Into My Hypercube (Voivod) - 5:01
10)  Sub-Effect (Voivod) - 4:29

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Member: Son of Nothing
Date: 12/9/2002


Guitar - Denis "Piggy" D'Amour
Vocals - Denis "Snake" Belanger
Bass - Jean-Yves "Blacky" Thériault
Drums - Michel "Away" Langevin

Voivod are probably the most underrated band in the world of the so-called 'progressive' metal. I guess the word 'progressive' is thrown around too much for its own comfort. Believe me, this is one band that has not only progressed consistently but also has given a new meaning to the word "progression". Sci-fi rock, space rock, metal, alternative rock, thrash metal - you name it...Voivod has done it all. Think of a weird mix of Floyd, Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator + metal riffs. You get the idea. Voivod is more unique than that. This Canadian band started with two thrash albums before plunging into the experimental territory with their next two. It all culminated in the sci-fi masterpiece - their fifth album, Nothingface. This is one of the most unique albums I've heard in all of music. MIO - Metal In Opposition

Right from the intro, this amazingly futuristic (thematically and musically) album doesn't cease to amaze the listener with guitarist Piggy's unique riffs. Think of Robert Fripp playing his craft at its most abstract level. The album abounds in jazzy guitaring, funk, metal, space rock and more than enough quirkiness, 'psycho'-ness to delight even the hardened avant-garde music fan. There is even a stunning cover of Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine" here. One of the best covers I've heard. They did a cover of "The Nile Song" later in The Outer Limits album and Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" in Phobos. It might be interesting for prog fans to note that these guys are huge fans of Peter Hammill. In face, they've said that they'd do a cover of a VDGG composition in their future albums. Let us keep our fingers crossed. Metallica's ex-bassist, Jason Newsted joined Voivod recently. He's known to be a great fan of them. There hasn't been a studio album from these guys for a long time.

The albums following Nothingface are masterpieces too in their own right. Voivod treaded a lot of paths in their quest to make brilliant music. This is just the cream of the lot. Very ahead of its time! And IMHO the peak of progression in metal!

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