Release Date: 1975

Track Listing
1)  Vert 5:35
2)  Dixie 3:26
3)  Depuis L'Automne 10:28
4)  En Pleine Face 4:50
5)  Histoires Sans Paroles 17:12

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Member: Sam
Date: 2/3/2003

This is a good album from that French canadian group. It's a concept-album talking about five season, the translation of the title could be "If we need a 5th season", so each song represents a season. But the way that the group represent the seasons it's about the main idea that they are in a big city who's living a big economic and industrial revolution the city is about 3.5 million in the agglomeration. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1975) so it go like this:

5=The 5th Season

So I will go song by song:

1: It's a smooth song with an instrumental part with flute and sax. With a lot of vocal arrangements (pretty well done) A good song who represent the Spring like I can imagine it.

2: Another smooth summer song with some great clarinet, honky-tonk piano and guitar solo that succeed trough the song. The song has some folk influence.

3: That one is more the kind of song you close your eyes and you see a lot of things. Maybe it's because the member of the group was always on drugs (marijuana) There's a lot of Mellotron use and again, a lot of vocal arrangement. A good guitar part too. It's one of my favourite songs from that group.

4: The song represents the Canadian winter (just for information we are January 24 and yesterday it was -35 C (-31 F) in Montreal.) There's is not a lot to say about that song except its a smooth one and its not a boring song but its not the best one.

5: That song is FANTASTIC she's like the 3rd one, I mean you close your eyes and you see beautiful things (only if you are an imaginative person.) The intro is really good with a good melody. After there's a good guitar solo. But the part with the women voice is really AMAZING (I mean, I listen to that part and I'm always stunned.) Then after there is the final part who is really good too. So for me, it's the best song on this album.

I just want to say that there are no drums on the album ... only percussion.

My rating of this album is 8.5/10
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