Release Date: 1977

Track Listing
1)  The Grand Illusion
2)  Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
3)  Superstars
4)  Come Sail Away
5)  Miss America
6)  Man In The Wilderness
7)  Castle Walls
8)  The Grand Finale

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 3/24/2003
Format: CD (Album)

Often cited as a hard rock band, or unfairly lumped as an AOR bore, The American band Styx labored on perfecting their sound over the years, along the way there were hits and misses, but overall, the band was one of the major bands (and most popular) in America during the Seventies into the early Eighties.

Styx is one of those bands like Supertramp and mid period Kansas (for example) really were rock bands, that were a bit to clever to be just an ordinary rock band, but lacked the overall progressive chops that the innovators of the genre possessed. But overall that still did not mean that they did not have what some call "progressive tendencies".

On Styx's sixth album, the concept album of idol worship, is perhaps Styx's shining moment. About Styx's Grand Illusion, the band's gift of heavy rock mixed with classical motifs, the album weaves around the albums concept with some classic material, some also made it onto the airwaves ("Come Sail Away", "Fooling Yourself" and "Crystal Ball") at a time were radio standards, which had help Styx solidify it's status amongst record buyers.

Not the most progressive sounding album out there, this is still a great album for those that were wondering what was popular among the American side of progressive rock.

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