Release Date: 1978

Track Listing
1)  And the mouse police never sleeps
2)  Acres wild
3)  No lullaby
4)  Moths
fast ban
5)  Journeyman
6)  Rover
fast bank
7)  One browne mouse
8)  Heavy horses
9)  Wheathercock

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Member: jethro fish (Profile) (All Album Reviews by jethro fish)
Date: 7/17/2003
Format: CD (Album)

This is the second album of JT's "folk-period" released in 1978. This album is a bit more polished and restrained than Songs from the wood but should appeal to any prog-head anyway since there is plenty of interesting and intricate stuff on this record.

The quality of the songs are not far from its predecessor and, just a bit of trivia, I heard somewhere that this was the album that broke JT big time in the German market. Anyway, I definately recommend this album. It's full of premium JT and shouldn't be a disappointment to anyone who's in to progressive rock JT-style.

The strongest songs (IMO) is "No Lullaby", "Rover", "One brown mouse" (which was covered in an awsome way by Echolyn on the JT-tribute album "To cry you a song") and of course the title track.

My rating: 4 out of 5
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