Release Date: 1983

Track Listing
1)  The Post War Dream
2)  Your Possible Pasts
3)  One of the Few
4)  The Hero's Return
5)  The Gunners Dream
6)  Paranoid Eyes
7)  Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert
8)  The Fletcher Memorial Home
9)  Southampton Dock
10)  The Final Cut
11)  Not Now John
12)  Two Suns in the Sunset

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Member: Sean (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Sean)
Date: 6/6/2003
Format: CD (Album)

The Final Cut is no doubt an underdog album in Pink Floyd's catalog. Another of those love it or hate it albums with little middle ground. For some it is bassist/singer/lyricist Roger Waters most inspired hour (err, 45 minutes). For others this is the pinnacle of the creative stanglehold he had on the band since their Animals album.

The band was pretty much at each others throats and by the time they did this album it was pretty much Waters on his own to record and write. Guitarist/singer David Gilmour does appear here, but his playing is almost phoned in. Every solo is tasty, but they all seem terribly familiar. Almost auto-piloted. This is a far cry from the groundbreaking soloing he did on Animals just five years earlier, roughly. He sings only one song on this cd, the only uptempo rocker of the lot, "Not Now John".

Richard Wright is completely out of the picture and band here. He had been belittled by Waters so much that by the point the band made this album he was basically relieved of his duty. Waters had convinced him that he was worth nothing and Wright believed it. His work here is done mostly by session players, it is hard to tell he isn't on the album, honestly. Nick Mason is still on drums, somewhere, back there.

What remains is an interesting album. Waters was left with free reign to make what many consider his first solo album. I would have to say that is an exaggeration though, because The Final Cut is better than any solo album he did. It is still Pink Floyd, however alienated. And that chemistry, even when strained, shines through.

For me, I never tried this album until I was sick of most of the 70's albums from the band. That was a great point to give this album a try. With headphones it is quite a treat, as are many Floyd albums. I find the songs are earnest. Waters is not really getting preachy or whiney here, he is more the narrator. I think some of his best lyrics are on this album.

Musically you won't find anything too progressive here, but there is some tasty icing on this batch of engaging songs. Like the cool delayed guitar riff on "The Gunners Dream", the string quartet on "The Fletcher Memorial Home", and the explosive effects on "...Filthy Desert". Sax crops up here and there, the first time in a while for a Floyd album as well. It seems most of these tunes were written by Waters on an acoustic guitar. I swear 3/4ths of this album is nothing more than three chords, G C and D! Yet here, I could not ask for more, it all works. In the process this has become one of the few Floyd albums I still want to hear and play. My fave cuts are "The Gunners Dream", "Two Suns in the Sunset" and the title track. Great stuff!

This album is great for fans of Waters contributions to Floyd. A must. Gilmour fans will be starved for a fix. Try one of the two albums he did with Floyd after Waters left instead.

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Member: Constable Napweed
Date: 7/2/2003

For me, the thing that levels this album to the junkyard of obscurity is the fact that the tracks from The Final Cut were songs from The Wall sessions which didnít make the...errmmm final cut of The Wall Gilmour quite rightly pointed out to Waters that if these songs werenít strong enough some 4 years ago, how can they be so relevant now? Another wedge driven between Waters and Gilmour. Rogerís ego had taken over the band to the point of no return and I must sadly say that to my ears, The Final Cut sounds exactly what Gilmour complained about.... rejects from The Wall its a shame that a great unit such as the Floyd had to come to such bitter blows.
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