Release Date: 1973

Track Listing
1)  Wheel of fortune
2)  Fountain
3)  Wind of change
4)  River
fast ban
5)  The Preacher
6)  On the way home

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Member: Constable Napweed
Date: 7/1/2003

Tony Kaye, ex of Yes and Flash, put together this little tasty treat of a band and boldly put out the debut album as a live release. Anyone who is prepared to do that must be pretty sure of themselves, and Badger didn't disappoint. Badger sounded nothing like Kaye's old cohorts Yes....instead opting to go for homegrown rock with some tasty numbers.

The feel of the album is one of melody and drama. The songs are all strong with Kaye's Hammond being to the fore with some nice lead guitar playing by Brian Parrish. All numbers are excellent and worthy of attention but the two that really catch my ear are "The River" and the closing track "On the way home". Both are great rock tracks and display some great guitar by Brian Parrish and probably Tony Kaye's finest moments on his trusty Hammond.

Restrained aggression are what Badger were about on this bludgeoning or over widdling progressive parts but honest down to earth rock music. A great album...and any band who chooses to bare their soul by making a debut album a live album has my unstinting respect.
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