Release Date: 1971

Track Listing
1)  The Prisoner (Eight By Ten) 5:34
2)  Grail 6:44
3)  Boats 1:53
4)  Shipwrecked Soldier 5:08
5)  Golden Fleece 6:59
6)  Inside Out 4:49
7)  Song To Absent Friends (The Island) 2:47
8)  Gazing 5:54

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Member: Constable Napweed
Date: 8/21/2003

Very sadly one of those bands who were washed away by the likes of Genesis, Yes and a number of others. But this album was a delight. “Shipwrecked Soldier” was a song typical of the 70s, awash with Hammond and mellotron with a pleasing on the ear vocalist. Many moods were prevalent in this album...acoustic shades, driving guitar and keyboards and not a bad drummer either, as the man was Pick Withers, later to go on to find fame with a humble little band called Dire Straits. The pick of the bunch on this album is "The Golden Fleece", very Genesis like without ever being derivative. The mood is one of melancholy and romance.....something you could play to your girlfriend with the lights incense stick burning.....and a few candles. Great atmospheres with everything that is prog thrown in....The lead guitar solos are not technical in the fashion of a Fripp or a Howe but drags you in with its more emotional side, relying on the spine tingling effect rather than guitar acrobatics. I really hope this album can be found on CD somewhere, my vinyl version has too many pops and crackles now. I would love to hear this album in smooth digital CD form....I think some of you out there might like to as well.
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Member: Sundstrom
Date: 7/31/2005

Ahh..Spring..wonderful time of year..and wonderful time of early progmusic!! SPRING strangely enough,only made this one album, but what an album!! its filled to the brim with the wonderful instrument called mellotron. Would you believe....3 out of these 5 musicians are playing the mellotron on this fine album. Oh...yes and the music is just fabulous. These UK guys are quite excellent...with slow build themes...written with laidback intonations and a flair for the dramatic and a sense of beautiful tones.

Pat Moran (vocals/mellotron) is superb on vocals and his intonations are really suitable for this album and this kind of music! Ray Martinez (guitars/mellotron) fits the music just his best ( and that’s excellent) on guitar. And it is indeed the compositions and the brilliant musicianship that stands out on this gem, from way back!!

So...if you were in doubt of UK prog from the early days, this is superb proof of what was on show. This is a genuine prog master piece!! This is a MUST OWN...if you are the least prog-fan...any serious progfan must have this in their collection !!! ENJOY !!!
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