Release Date: 1979

Track Listing
1)  North Sea Oil
2)  Orion
fast ban
3)  Home
fast ban
4)  Dark Ages
5)  Warm Sporran
6)  Somethings On The Move
7)  Old Ghosts
8)  Dun Ringill
9)  Flying Dutchman
10)  Elegy
fast ban

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Member: jethro fish (Profile) (All Album Reviews by jethro fish)
Date: 9/13/2003
Format: CD (Album)

Stormwatch, released in 1979 is often considered the last "classic" JT-album and I'm inclined to agree. This was the third and last album of JT's "folk-prog"-era but imo it also hints what's to come on the following "A"-album. The sound has more of an 80's-feel than previous offerings (it was released in 79, duh!), especially drum- and keyboard-wise. Regardless, it's a damn fine album.

The recordings of Stormwatch started on the worst note possible. Bass player-extraordinare John Glascock (only in his twenties) died after a short time of illness and Ian Anderson had to fill in as bass player on top of his numerous other duties. I'm not sure if Glascock is playing on any of the tracks but he gets credit in the liner-notes anyway.

This album has a heavier and darker feel than the previous folk-prog records of JT but that's not a bad thing imho. "Orion" is a wonderfully heavy track and the classic "Dun Ringill" is just marvelous.No JT-collection is worth the name without this album. I give it my warmest recommendations and urge you to get it if you don't have it already.

My rating: 4 out of 5
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