Release Date: 1977

Track Listing
1)  Escenes de la terra en festa i de la mar en calma - 4:02
2)  Imprompt-1 - 5:53
3)  Jocs d''ocells - 3:33
4)  La revolucio - 4:08
5)  Danca d''estiu - 3:30
6)  I tu que ho veies tot tan facil - 5:39
7)  Historia d''una gota d''aigua -10:14

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Member: yogibear
Date: 11/17/2003

This is a prog cd by a Spanish group by the name of "Gotic". This cd is entitled Escenes and it is the only release from this band I think. The members of the band of which there are four include a bassist, drummer, a flute/piccolo player and a keyboardist. Guest musicians fill out the sound on various acoustic and electric guitars and percussion.

Jordi Vilaprinyo is the keyboardist and he sticks mainly to acoustic piano and electric Fender Rhodes piano. There are mini moogs, Hammonds and clavinets also but the bulk of the music comes from pianos and mini moog. He also plays some violin here as well.The bassist is Rafael Escota. The drummer is named Jordi Marti. The flautist/piccolo player is Jep Nuix.

There are seven songs which total just over 37 minutes of exquisite music.Most of the main melodies and themes are led by the flute of Jep while the keyboard work of Jordi also acts as foil to the flute. They play great in unison and eery once in a while one will take off for a short break. The bassist is excellent as well as the drummer. The various guests on guitars, btabla, misc percussion add additional flavor to the tunes.

Musically the tunes are symphonic progressive rock with jazzy sections playing memorable melodies. The band sticks mostly to flute, electric piano, bass and drums. The tune called "La Revolucio" though shows Jes playing piccolo in time with Jordi's martial drum beat and hi hat work. There is lots of wonderful variations and changes with occassional bursts of a 30 seconds drum fill or a short bass run so each player is well represented. The last tune, "Historia d'una gota d'aigua" is my fave as it has some romantic acoustic guitar being played with the flute, together they are very nice and then the tune speeds up and becomes more majestic. The organ joins and states a new theme that is perfect. This tune most shows the influence of Italian romantic/symphonic prog bands from the early/mid 70's.

This music to me sounds similar to stuff like Camel circa Snow Goose or some offshoot cousin of Italian symph prog using as a keyboardist the Latin inflected work of Chick Corea with a virtuoso flute player to add variety and color.

Some may be put off by the music as there are no vocals but repeated listenings will only enhance a marvelous cd of symphonic prog with jazzy overtones and world class flute playing. Melodies are very nice and over time this cd will open up.
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