Release Date: 1971

Track Listing
1)  Golf Girl
2)  Winter Wine
3)  Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly)
4)  In the Land of Grey and Pink
5)  Nine Feet Underground/Nigel Blows a Tune/Love's a Friend/Make It 76/Dan
7)  Aristocracy
8)  It's Likely to Have a Name Next Week/Winter Wine
9)  Group Girl
10)  Dissassociation/100% Proof [New Mix]

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Member: Constable Napweed
Date: 11/25/2003

Great album by the Canterbury proggers, and indeed a forerunner to that early "Camel" sound. The album starts off in a lighthearted quirky fashion with the delightful "Golf Girl" before getting more serious with the brilliant "Winter Wine". The fuzz organ sounds form the lead breaks on this album and sometimes you can swear its a guitar. Great songs and great playing is the only way to describe this masterpiece of an album. No one were creating this type of music quite like Caravan in 1971. Pastel shades of music ranging from melancholic moments right thru to rocky organ led moments, leaves this album as a real treasure to behold both in 1971 and indeed in 2003.

If you love prog rock and are not familiar with this album....give it a spin in your local record shop.
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