Release Date: 1999

Track Listing
1)  ProjeKct One

1)  ProjeKct Two

1)  ProjeKct Three

1)  ProjecKct Four

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Member: Frumious B
Date: 11/30/2003

A great many Crimson fans periodically voice a distaste for Adrian Belew's singing voice and pop leanings and long for a return to the improvs and explorations of the 70s Crim. If that describes your Crim leanings, then this box might well be the only truly essential 90s Crimson release.

The Projekcts is a four disc collection, each disc of which contains a largely improvised live peformance by a different "fractal" of King Crimson. "Projeckt One" is Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Trey Gunn and Bill Bruford. "Projeckt Two" is Fripp, Gunn and Belew (on drums!). "Projeckt Three" is Fripp, Gunn and Pat Mastelotto. "Projeckt Four" is Fripp, Gunn, Levin and Mastelotto.

The concept works remarkably well. It's almost as if the musicians involved are more able freely explore and express themselves freed from the expectations and pressure of actually performing and recording as "King Crimson". As is the case with just about any improvised music, there are short stretches where things just aren't clicking, but the "money" bits are uniformly fantastic.

Probably the most interesting disc is the Projeckt Three disc, "Masque", since it is performed by 3/4 of the lineup that would eventually emerge as the new King Crimson and incorporates an electronica influence previously unheard in earlier Crimson music. The least interesting is Projeckt Two's Live Groove because of its stretches of faux synth piano and marimba that veer uncomfortably close to cocktail jazz in spots. A laser gun Fripp solo is always lurking right around the corner to puncture those moments, though.

Overall, this is an extremely worthwhile set that is well worth the time and energy of any fans of "extreme" Crim. It's edgy and uncompromising music that its hard to digest at first, but rewards repeated listens. Personally, I think that The Projeckts and the most recent studio album The Power To Believe represent the very best that post 70s King Crimson has to offer.
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