Release Date: 1971

Track Listing
1)  O Caroline(Sinclair/Wyatt)-5:05
2)  Instant Pussy(Wyatt)-2:59
3)  Signed Curtain(Wyatt)-3:06
4)  Part of the Dance(Miller)-9:16
5)  Instant Kitten(Wyatt)-4:58
6)  Dedicated to Hugh, But You Weren''t...(Wyatt)-4:39
7)  Beer as in Braindeer (Wyatt)-4:02
8)  Immediate Curtain(Wyatt)-5:57

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Member: TheIdeaofWyatt
Date: 1/14/2004

Ahh, another refeshing & enlighting album of the Canterbury Scene. Robert Wyatt, composes all of the tracks (with the exception of part of "The Dance" which was composed soley on guitarist Phil Miller & "O Caroline" which was a collaboration with ex-Caravan keyboardist David Sinclair). Consisting of playful lyrics & technical jams, I have to say it is an astonishing album, but I do not rate it perfectly because the two last tracks are just aimless expiremental tracks that drag. Mellotron fans should enjoy it though!

BTW: The name Matching Mole was chosen as a pun on Soft Machine (the sound of the English words "matching mole" are very similar to the French translation of "soft machine," machine molle).
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