Release Date: 1982

Track Listing
1)  Portrait of a Shrinking Man-5:35
2)  T.N.T.F.X.-3:12
3)  Black Hat-4:52
4)  I Feel a Night Coming On-6:37
5)  Arriving Twice-2:22
6)  Shining Water-8:53
7)  Tales of a Damson Knight-1:56
8)  Flanagan''s People-5:18
9)  Toad of Toad Hall-7:30

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Member: TheIdeaofWyatt
Date: 1/26/2004

National Health's final album is a tribute to keyboardist: Alan Gowan who died of leukemia in 1981. So the year after, National Health decided to make a tribute album to him, performing all his compositions that he wrote for National Health. Most of these tracks were rehearsed & performed live, but never recorded. Though, two tracks featured on this disc (“T.N.T.F.X” & “Arriving Twice”) were recorded previously with Alan's previous band: Gilgamesh. The album overall is not really up to par like their two previous releases. “Portrait of A Shrinking Man” is probably the only true stand-out but even that sounds dated with those synthesizers!! The rest falls in to place as if the band were bored of the material. If you want a good insight on Gowan's compositions, check out their live release: Play Time or Gilgamesh's Arriving Twice.
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