Release Date: 1972

Track Listing
1)  Starting in the Middle of the Day, We Can Drink Our Politics Away (2:31)
3)  Nan's True Hole (3:36)
4)  Righteous Rhumba (2:50)
5)  Brandy as in Benj (4:24)
6)  Gloria Gloom (8:06)
7)  God Song (2:59)
8)  Flora Fidgit (3:26)
9)  Smoke Signal (6:37)

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Member: TheIdeaofWyatt
Date: 2/17/2004

It would of been a good album; as great as their debut! But Robert Fripp's production went a little out of hand! Fripp was an inappropriate producer for this sort of music. Canterbury is not the way for him! Since Fripp does not have much of a sense of humor! ;) There are still some good highlights on this album though, like “Marchides” which jams out well & Phil’s guitar work along with Robert's drum work make this track a jam worthy piece! “Nan's True Hole” contains one of the most memorable riffs ever! The dialogue featured on “Nan's” is a bit over-done though. “Gloria Gloom” features some good Wyatt vocal work, but Eno's synths are a bit inappropriate. “God Song” is a nice little acoustic tune; “Flora Fidget” & “Smoke Signals” are the grand compositions here! Beautiful & well done. The other tracks are weak compared to the live versions on the Cuneiform release Smoke Signals. Good album overall, but weak production.
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