Release Date: 1976

Track Listing
1)  Bastille Day 4:59
2)  Anthem 4:57
3)  Fly by Night/In the Mood 5:05
4)  Something for Nothing 4:03
5)  Lakeside Park 5:05
6)  2112 15:52
7)  By-Tor and the Snow Dog 12:01
8)  In the End 7:14
9)  Working Man/Finding My Way 14:20

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Member: Rickenbacker
Date: 2/24/2006

1976 seemed to be The year of the live album, with Frampton Comes Alive leading the way for the trend. For Rush, the timing was right to put out their 1st of several live recordings, All The World's a Stage.

This chronicles the "end of the beginning", according to the liner notes, of the band's early growth period. What we get is a raw, aggressive sampling of work from their 1st four albums. This album can be considered the last of their truly straight-ahead "70s hard rock" albums.

The overall sound, as mentioned, is raw (which I enjoy) & some limitations of 70s recording techniques show, but it gives the listener a fantastic example of a typical mid-70s Rush show.

This is my favorite of the currently, six live Rush albums. While the others have better sound, it's the stack-of-Marshalls grittiness that appeals to me here.
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