Release Date: 2006

Track Listing
1)  That's as Far as I'll Go
2)  Back to the Shadows
3)  I'm OK
fast b
4)  Time to Play
5)  My Friend
6)  Trust
fast bank
7)  It's Your Life
8)  Footsteps in the Hall
9)  Ice in the Rain
10)  You Were Right
11)  On the Other Side

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Member: Sundstrom
Date: 5/19/2006

Canadian prolific super prog band Saga has released their 17th album, with the title Trust. And that we do (at least some of us) trust in Saga, to come up with a brimming new album. I’ve been a friend and fan of Saga since...well, since their first album and I recall a certain summer in Denmark, where the sky was blue and the few clouds were white. Reading in a local (Copenhagen) paper, that Saga would indeed play in the local park (fælledparken) for free. I of course phoned the local paper “Hello...I’ve just read that Saga are to play in the park!?”
Answer:” Yes.....what’s your question?”
Me:” I’m just trying to find out, are these the real Saga?”
Answer:” We have had several calls...Yes it is the Canadian
So it seemed that Saga had a brief moment, a pause in their Scandinavian tour and they saw fit to play a concert in the people’s park in Copenhagen! Of course I went, and what a great concert it was! Mind you, I was already a Saga freak, but this open air free concert, had me nailed forever.

Now I don’t really need to tell you that Saga are one of its kind, in the world of prog music today. They have their own sound, their quite unique approach to the music, Sadler’s fantastic voice, Crichton’s superb guitars, Gilmour’s fabulous keyboards. Without them, no Saga!

Now to Trust, it has all the trademarks a Saga album should have, but there are new additions. “Thats as far as I´ll go” is a brilliant track, full of power and yet different, as the keys (synthesizer) roars aggressive in the intro, until Sadler’s always unique style sets in! And of course Crichton’s superb fills and stun chords leave us breathless!

Next track ”Back to the shadows” a classic Saga track with all the trimmings we’ve come to expect from these fine Canadian musicians.

“Im OK” is a very welcome relaxed track, still with the Sadler impact, what a great voice this man has! A Saga song with a hook line, great great pop prog!

“My friend” a superp track, with leanings to....well actually its a ballad, and what a ballad it is! It’s nice to hear Saga in a softer mode, superb song. Hear it several times and
you are hooked, Great stuff! I’ve read some criticism on this track by fellow reviewers, and I must say I don’t understand their sentiments at all.

“Trust” title track. Well what did you expect? Yet another great Saga track...although more into the power rock vein.

“Footsteps in the Hall” a different Saga, laidback and stylish, wonderful vocals and some excellent dual guitar/keyboard play......superb ending!

“On the other side” starts out like a folk song rendition (and even Gentle Giant like theme) and the superb guitars of Crichton are all over the tune. Ending with marimbas fading.

So, how do I like the new SAGA album? Well, I like it just fine...its getting better all the time! I think I’ll have to give it top rating! And ..oh, by the way, do get the limited edition of this fine album!! You really can not live without: “The making of...” extra appendix cd/dvd!

Trust me...this Saga is superb!
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