Release Date: 2000

Track Listing
1)  Dangerous
2)  Endless
fast ba
3)  Crash
fast bank
4)  Spiral
fast ban
5)  Melt
fast bankr
6)  Tragic
fast ban
7)  Tziganne
fast b
8)  Lost
fast bankr

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Member: ffroyd (Profile) (All Album Reviews by ffroyd)
Date: 1/1/2000
Format: CD (Album)

I just got the new Bozzio Levin Stevens album. It's another absolutely flawless disc from this ingenious trio. Most of the material is shorter and more structured than the first one but that doesn’t hurt the project at all. They really expand on the flamenco/fusion/metal style quite a bit.

Steve’s guitar work is impeccable as usual and at times he sounds quite Frippian. He doesn’t do the machine-gun guitar on this one but I would say there’s much more guitar synth.

Terry Bozzio continues in his role as the world’s greatest drummer. His melodic drumming is much more prominent here than I’ve ever heard it before. It really adds a new element to the music and nobody does it better than him. I really have to check out some of his solo stuff.

Tony Levin is his usual brilliant self. The picture of the band on the back of the CD case shows him using the Funk Fingers. How does he pick his nose when he’s wearing them things?
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