Release Date: 1973

Track Listing
1)  Other Side Of The Sky
2)  Sold To The Highest Buddha
3)  Castle In The Clouds
4)  Prostitute Poem
5)  Givin My Love To You
6)  Selene
fast ba
7)  Flute Salad / Oily Way
8)  Outer Temple
9)  Inner Temple
10)  Percolations
11)  Love Is How Y Make It
12)  I Never Glid Before
13)  Eat That Phone Book Coda
14)  Ooby-Scooby Doomsday or The D-Day DJs Got The D.D.T. Blues

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Member: Big Hairy Monster! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Big Hairy Monster!)
Date: 6/6/2003
Format: CD (Album)

Eclectic, spacey, technical, and jazzy are just a few of the words that can describe Angel's Egg Part 2 of 'The Radio Gnome Invisible' trilogy by Gong. The Pot-Head Pixies really outdid themselves here with a work of psychedelic prog-jazz that wouldn't be matched until, well, their next album You.

Released in 1973, this work features the blistering guitar work of a young Steve Hillage, the jazzy drumming and percussion of Pierre Moerlen, the sonic psychedelia that are Tim Blake's synth bubbles and Gilly Smyth's space whispers, and of course the lyrical mind games of Daevid Allen. Add to that Bloomdido Bad DeGrass' kick ass woodwinds, and bass playing by Christian Tritsch.

What? Don't know what pot-head pixies, synth bubbles or space whispers are? Don't know who Bloomdido Bad DeGrass is? Angel's Egg is "The Two Towers" of Gong's trilogy of concept albums based around space aliens, heroes named Zero, and (apparently) some very good weed. Head to the website for details...but only after you pick up the CD.

Angel's Egg is equal parts Canterbury Prog, Meddle-era Pink Floyd spaciness, jazz, Greatful Dead psychedelic jamming, Syd Barrett lyrical wierdness...all without sounding like any of these groups. And while the hippy-dippiness of the whole affair may be more than a little dated (some find it annoying), it has a quaint novelty to it. One of these novel moments is "Prostitute Poem" a song full of sexual innuendo, space whispers (ghostly echoed scream/moan- singing) over a waltzing piece of music that reminds one of a Parisian street cafe, until just a hint of near-east musical styles creep in.

This is then followed by "Given My Love To You", a tune which will remind you of gathering around the piano in a bar somewhere in England with several singing drunk friends. Actually, I think they may have gotten this idea from Gracious first album. "Love Is How Y Make It" is a short clip that reminds me for some reason of Pink Floyd's "Grand Vizier's Garden Party" percussion section. "I Never Glid Before" seems to cross music boxes with Balinese Gamelin music. As I said, eclectic.

There is truly some outstanding playing to be found here. Fans of synths will find some very intriging use of arpeggiated, filtered, and modulated synths creating the previously mentioned space bubbles. Pierre's drumming seems to be a cross of Bill Bruford's rockiness with Billy Cobham's virtuosity. Hillage's guitar playing is fabulous, and hints of the many great things to come from him in the future. And while Daevid Allen isn't exactly Freddie Mercury, his unorthodox vocalizations are very appropriate for this recording. He touches on psychedelia, north africal tribal harmonies, space rock and jazz.

The song pairing of "Flute Salad" / "Oily Way" was, from what I've heard, a minor hit back in the day...oh my how radio has changed! In fact the only modern release that I can think even slightly resembles this would be Stereolab's "Sound Dust"...the resemblence is vague at best.

If you are familiar with Gong, you probably already have this in your collection...for those of you that don't, do yourself a favor and pick up either this or You. Not only will you discover a very interesting band, you may also discover the true meaning behind the nicknames of some progear members like Zero The Hero or Octave Doctor.
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