Release Date: 1989

Track Listing
1)  A Fortune in Lies (5:13)
2)  Status Seeker (4:18)
3)  Ytse Jam (5:46)
4)  The Killing Hand (8:42)
5)  Light Fuse and Get Away (7:24)
6)  Afterlife (5:27)
7)  The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (8:05)
8)  Only a Matter of Time (6:36)

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Member: woocash_p
Date: 8/18/2004


- Charlie Dominici / vocals
- John Myung / bass
- John Petrucci / guitars
- Mike Portnoy / drums, percussion
- Kevin Moore / keyboards

Dream Theater's first release and taking into consideration their overall discography the worst; but to be honest one of my favourite prog albums.

The whole album is partly Rush-influenced - especially Ytse Jam, which is one of their best instrumentals and the best song on the CD. Fortunately, Charlie Dominici does not sing on other Dream Theater CD's. His voice might suit Helloween but not Dream Theater. To my mind Dream Theater should make only instrumental music, because this is what they are doing best. All of the tunes are very catchy. Virtuosity of Kevin Moore is outstanding. He's got as nimble fingers as Jordan Rudess' but to my mind Kevin's harmonies are more melodic, which left a lasting impression on me. Furthermore, throughout the CD you can hear distinctive sound of the 80's. Therefore, do not expect top-notch quality of sound. The best songs are ¡°Ytse Jam¡± - masterpiece still being played on their gigs, ¡°Afterlife¡± - song-structured but very catchy tune - and ¡°Only A Matter Of Time¡± - great lyrics and mind-boggling keyboard solo.

Thanks to this CD, Dream Theater introduced a new wave to prog music. Many contemporary artists are following their steps by creating quite similar and as good music as theirs. Therefore, it is a must have for every ardent listener of prog rock.
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