Release Date: 1973

Track Listing
1)  Watcher of the Skies (8:37)
2)  Get 'Em Out by Friday (9:14)
3)  The Return of the Giant Hogweed (8:14)
4)  Musical Box (10:55)
5)  The Knife (9:46)

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 6/27/2002
Format: CD (Album)

Often dismissed as a sound alike to the original studio versions, The five songs on Genesis Live actually have the "punch" that the studio versions fail to embark on.

Genesis Live, taken from two different concerts in early 1973, shows the band in "Top" form here, playing with such raw power that rarely has been captured on tape ever since.

Containing only five songs, the key aspect here is Steve Hackett's presence on Electric Guitar. Not to detract from everyone else in the band, but Steve actually sounded like a guitarist instead of a noodler on Genesis Live.

Now back to the album, despite the strange omission of the group's greatest epic "Supper's Ready", most of the band's greatest songs all work better here than they do their studio versions. "The Musical Box" and "The Knife" are worth the price of this CD alone.

Genesis Live, for years, was the only "official" documentation containing Peter Gabriel on lead vocals and Phil Collins on drums. A great live album, and my most listened to Genesis album.


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