Release Date: 1999

Track Listing
1)  Moya (10:51)
2)  BBF3 (17:45)

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Member: diminishing_shine
Date: 8/6/2004

After the apocalyptic urban sprawl that was Godspeed You Black Emperor’s debut album; the nine-piece Montréal based collective return with a more determined rigorous effort. Whilst being equally, if not more so epic as their aforementioned debut, this is the Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP displays a more concentrated effort on musicianship, focusing on their abilities to slowly and meticulously craft a piece of music with defined instrumentation and diligent exploration of melodic tension, to which amidst of the ambient drones/soundscapes of their debut merely hinted.

Featuring two tracks, clocking in just under half-an-hour, Slow Riot… recorded in a mere weekend in-between their hectic touring schedule, is nothing short of inspirational. From the deep atmospheric hum-droning introduction of the eleven-minute opener “Moya”, whereby haunting lingering strings ache sorrowfully like a modern lost symphony, to the pulsating drums, glittering glockenspiels, intense weaving ascending guitar lines of its dramatic closure; the piece is literally quite awe-inspiring.

The second piece, “BBF3” whilst being equally as devastating, and haunting as the first, uses its eighteen-minutes of length to full effect. Slowly evoking tensions, and building atmospheres via softly plucked guitar harmonics, desolate piano lines, and achingly beautiful strings. Based around a field recording, a dialogue with a gun-toting poet, whose anguish, torment and bitterness of social world order is reflected within the sheer power and overwhelming desperation of his voice and words; the empowering emphatic nature of the music is merely a soundtrack, not only to the man’s poetry, but also to the sadness, oppression, and gentle hope of our bleak fragile world.

So when the mass of sound that is created by distorted fiery guitars, and pounding drums of this EP’s final densely layered climax, subsides to the aftermath of sweeping cellos and violins, you are left completely without breath. Incredibly cinematic, immensely powerful, GYBE! have created a bleak and beautiful sound that is a pure catharsis, and with the Slow Riot… EP have laid down what could be the most intense twenty-eight minutes of orchestral-rock ever recorded.
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