Release Date: 1970

Track Listing
1)  With you there to help me
2)  Nothing to say
3)  Alive and well and living in
4)  Son
fast bankru
5)  For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and me
6)  To cry you a song
7)  A time for everything?
8)  Inside
fast ban
9)  Play in time
10)  Sossity; You're a woman
Bonus Tracks
11)  Singing All Day
12)  Witch's Promise
13)  Just Trying To Be
14)  Teacher (Original UK Mix)

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Member: jethro fish (Profile) (All Album Reviews by jethro fish)
Date: 9/12/2003
Format: CD (Album)

Benefit released in 1970 was JT's third album. This recording finds a band struggling to find it's identity and breaking out of the somewhat psychadelic blues rock-mould that had signified their music up to this point.

This album always struck me as a strange one (strange in a good way but...peculiar). It's kind of low key and mellow but at the same time it creeps up on you and grows with every listen. The sound is not all that great but many of the songs are hidden gems.

"To Cry you a Song" is a classic and probably the best known track from the album but many others such as "Nothing to Say" are very appealing as well. This is not a classic prog record in the sense of Thick as a brick, Aqualung or A Passion Play but it's an interesting document of JT's evolution from blues rock-band to progressive greats. This was also the last album to feature original bass player Glen Cornick.

I would recommend this record to anyone who wants to dwelve deeper in to the music of JT but I wouldn't recommend it as a starting point.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 11/18/2004
Format: CD (Album)

One of the more peculiar albums, Benefit Jethro Tull's third album is the devoid of the "blues" trappings of the previous albums, although guitarist Martin Barres electric guitar riffings are a welcoming counterbalance to Ian's wonderful acoustic guitar.

Ian's compositions on the softer material are taking on more of a folk direction, but yet the bassist Glen Cornick and drummer Clive Bunker and new comer, the classically trained virtuoso John Evans makes his debut with the band, and his presence is felt immediately, although he would become a star on later albums like Thick As A Brick.

There are a few memorable songs on Benefit, the bonus UK hit "Teacher", and the anthem "To Cry You A song". Other notable songs are is one of Ian's greatest compositions, "For Milchael Collins, Jeffrey and Me", "Alive and Well And Living In", "Inside" and "Nothing To Say".

The newly re-mastered issue of "Benefit" now includes four album edits that were originally only available on the soon to be obsolete Living In The Past, which surprisingly works within the context of the other songs originally on the album.

On Jethro Tull's third album might be an underrated album, especially in comparison to the heavyweights which were to follow, but don't let anyone fool you into not think that this album is not worthy of adding to your Jethro Tull collection.

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