Release Date: 1974

Track Listing
1)  Bittern Storm over Ulm
2)  Half Asleep; Half Awake
3)  Ruins
fast bank
4)  Solemn Music
5)  Linguaphone
6)  Upon Entering The Hotel Adlon
7)  Deluge
fast ban

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Member: Chuck AzEee! (Profile) (All Album Reviews by Chuck AzEee!)
Date: 12/5/2003
Format: CD (Album)

Progressive rock has often had musicians and bands that tried to meld the aesthetics of rock, with free forms of jazz, classical, avant-garde with psychedelic washes, most went onto become successful, charting on album and single charts, those groups would become the successful one, whom most of today's younger bands would often site as major influences on them, but then you have the groups that did not become successful, but yet, not only played a truer form of the amalgam that most of the successful groups forsook for fame and fortune, but would prove just as influential.

One of those bands is the UK based band, Henry Cow. Hailing from the innovative Cantenbury scene, like most of the bands from this area, Henry Cow has musicians that have cut their teeth in plenty of bands, but it was with this group that many, would consider as the definitive "Rock-In-Opposition" group.

The term "RIO" given by the musical press, was given to Henry Cow and other groups that followed in their wake, when their music did not follow the true roots of rock's grit, falling more truer to chamber music that predates the 20th century, with the true form of improvisation of free jazz.

With enough polyrhythmic drumming, the time shifting music on this masterpiece, is enough to make any fan of free and jazz-rock feel right at home.

Henry Cow's Unrest is for fans that are into bands like Frank Zappa, Soft Machine, Univers Zero, Gong, and John Coltrane (60's era) would enjoy complex, challenging music that appears on this RIO classic.

Album rating: Five stars

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